Renzi Property Management is a boutique real estate company providing quality service to a select list of tenants. Begun in 1992, as a family owned and operated business, it has developed strong roots in Philadelphia and the surrounding community. We are renowned for taking neglected properties and turning them into vibrant living spaces.

Nicholas Renzi III has been a hands/on owner operator for over eighteen years. When not working, he enjoys yoga, healing, walking, and traveling. Denise Renzi is dedicated to work and family. She is pleased to assist tenants and to provide a comfortable living environment. Outside of work, she loves grandchildren, music, walking and traveling. Bruno Varallo is the head of maintenance at Renzi Property Management. He has serviced tenant needs for the past 18 years. He oversees renovations and other projects. Prior to working at RPM, he had 20 years experience in the masonry trade. He loves cooking, family relations and baseball.

Mission Statement

Operating as a family owned property management company, Renzi Property Management, its managers and maintenance staff are friendly, kind and compassionate. Our mission is to provide comfortable, safe living conditions to a satisfied clientele. Our happiness is achieved through the ability to serve others. Our peace is realized by a good heart and an open mind.


Our vision is to continue to grow our business model in ways which enable us to express our creativity in service to others. The willingness to give of ourselves is based on a foundation to share in joy, happiness and unbiased compassion with an enlightened group of tenants.